Hawkeye Holdings COVID-19 building procedures

The COVID-19 building procedures are put in place for your safety,

and the safety of all the people who work on the premises.

Please abide by the following policies:


    • Masks required as of November 16th.
    • All persons entering or remaining in these premises must wear a mask that covers the nose, mouth, and chin.

Main office access

    • Access to the main office is restricted to mail pick-up only.
    • Any questions or concerns that you may have must be sent by email or by phone.

Shared Washrooms

    • Washrooms continue to be cleaned and sanitized every night. Common area door knobs and touched surfaces are being sanitized regularly.
    • Please continue to wash your hands, and maintain a 2 meter distance from others.

Shared Forklifts

    • Forklifts MUST be sanitized after use. Please respect that the forklifts are used by multiple people multiple times a day, and that the spread of COVID-19 can be minimized by maintaining clean and sanitized equipment.

Hawkeye Maintenance Shop

    • The maintenance shop remains restricted to Hawkeye shop personnel only.
    • Do not enter the shop. If you need to speak with a mechanic, call the main office and we will transfer your call, or call the shop directly.
      • If a mechanic approves your visit to the shop, you must speak with the mechanic outside and at a distance of at least 2 meters.

Please continue to limit your presence on the site to your leased premises and the public washrooms.