Warehousing & Cold Storage


Public Warehousing
• Monthly Storage Terms
• Per Item Handling Fee
• Short Term or Long Term Secure Storage
• Dry or Cold Storage down to -5°C (large volume only)

For more information or for our current rates, please contact Kaeli Fitzpatrick at 250.765.7007 or toll free at 1.888.915.1122


Climate Controlled Environment




Hawkeye can offer you a wide range of warehousing and distribution solutions to suit your specific needs. We are the logistical partner of choice for several leading businesses, including Tolko, Ministry of Forests and Sun Rype, to name just a few. We pride ourselves on value, service & security, and through our many years of experience, understand what matters most when it comes to providing a well rounded storage solution for your valued products.


Cold Storage

Hawkeye’s cold storage warehousing facility can offer over 60,000 square feet of refrigerated storage space for a wide array of products. Our commitment to providing you safety & security for your products means that our entire facility is electronically monitored 24-hours per day, 365 days per year, and alerts us to the slightest temperature variance or any potential breach in security. Please contact us directly with your questions, or to speak with us about your specific needs.

Seedling Storage

Seedling storage is one of our primary businesses and we believe that years of experience along with high volumes of climate controlled warehousing spaces make us industry leaders. Seedlings require specialized care and warehousing management when it comes to maintaining storage quality.