Our entire fleet is equipped with on board GPS (Global Positioning Satellites), which enable us to pinpoint your cargo at any moment. This technology also allows us to warn our drivers against any potential delays – such as highway closures – which helps us ensure that your load makes it to its destination on time. Each truck is also equipped with ELD’s (Electronic Log Devices) to ensure the safety of our drivers, your cargo and compliance with all safety regulations.


Our Fleet

Hawkeye’s long haul trucking division is comprised of a fleet of 22 trailers and 15 semi trucks, focusing on long haul routes from BC through Ontario, and all stops in between. All of our trailers are equipped with climate controlled environments that are electronically monitored. All of Hawkeye’s long haul equipment is maintained by our dedicated, experienced maintenance team on a monitored schedule. We make every effort to ensure the safety of our fleet.


Trailers & Trucking


Transportation Destinations

  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario


  • Consumable Goods
  • Climate Controlled┬áTransportation (Refrigerated & Heated)
  • Gravel/Sand Hauling
  • Seedling Trees
  • Tridem Trailers
  • 100% Company and Fleet Operated


For more information or for our current rates, please contact Jordan Wilson at: 250.765.7007 or toll free at 1.888.915.1122